Bible Courses

Bible Courses

Bible courses are tools to help you study and understand the Scriptures. They are not a substitute for the personal reading of the Bible, the inspired Word of God. Our Bible courses teach topics from the Bible and help you understand individual books of the Bible.

Correspondence Learning

Correspondence courses allow you to study the Bible no matter where you live. They also permit the student to study in the privacy of your own home and on your own schedule. The material and method of Emmaus facilitate the use of courses in small groups and in prisons as well.

Personal Guide

When you sign up with Emmaus, you will be linked with a corrector who will evaluate your understanding of the materials and seek to answer any personal questions. The more communicative you are, the more help the corrector can help you.

You sign up

We send you the first course

You finish all the lessons and send us only the exams

Your personal guide provides feedback on the course

We send you the next course

You learn the Bible from home

Ready to start learning?

If you are ready to learn the Bible and get to know God, we are ready to help! All there is left to do is sign up and begin learning.

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