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If you would like to get to know God and learn what the Bible teaches, we can help. We offer correspondence Bible courses you can study from home.

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Bible Courses

Bible courses are tools to help you study and understand the Scriptures. They are not a substitute for the personal reading of the Bible, the inspired Word of God. Our Bible courses teach topics from the Bible and help you understand individual books of the Bible.

Correspondence Learning

Correspondence courses allow you to study the Bible no matter where you live. They also permit the student to study in the privacy of your own home and on your own schedule. The material and method of Emmaus facilitate the use of courses in small groups and in prisons as well.

Personal Guide

When you sign up with Emmaus, you will be linked with a corrector who will evaluate your understanding of the materials and seek to answer any personal questions. The more communicative you are, the more help the corrector can help you.

Understand the Bible

Do you want to learn what the Bible teaches?

Who We Are

We are a team of believers dedicated to serving anyone who wants to seriously know the Word of God. We offer a well-rounded curriculum of 60 Bible courses free of charge, our graders come with over 20 years of experience of walking with the Lord. Emmaus Bible School has served students around the world in many languages for over 75 years and has proven to be a useful tool to educate interested students in the Scriptures.

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What The Bible Teaches

How is Biblical teaching relevant to your life? Would you like to know what the Bible has to say about your relationships, your finances, your work ethic, your character and your destiny? The Bible is full of wisdom. Come and explore its depths with us.





Who is God

Why is it important to know who God is? The Bible explains to us the character of God and how He has revealed Himself in the person of Christ. Understanding His triune nature helps to understand how He relates to His creatures. Knowing God the Son personally conforms us more into His image. Experiencing God the Spirit's work in our lives empowers us for daily living.


Revealed in the person of Christ

The Son's work in the believer

The Spirit's work in the believer

How to study the Bible

So just listening to a sermon on Sunday is not enough? If one desires to know a person, then learning about him intimately is important. It is through the study of God's Word that we get to know God and love Him. Bible courses are a means to understanding the Word of God, teaching the student to dig deeper using the tools available.

To know God

To love God

To understand the Scriptures

To use the tools available

How to live the Christian life

What does walking with God daily look like? One needs to communicate with God through reading His Word and prayer. Obedience to His commands and trusting His promises are key to the relationship. Using the gifts that He gives to build up other believers is important to spiritual health. All of these are essential in living the abundant Christian life.

Communicating with God

Obeying His commands

Trusting His promises

Using spiritual gifts

Characteristics of a solid Church

Is there a pattern in Scripture for a New Testament church? Acts 2:42 tells us that the early church met together for the purpose of remembering the Lord in the breaking of the bread, listening to the apostle's teaching, fellowshipping with other believers and edifying them with our gifts, and praying. These same ingredients are necessary in any local church today.

Worship and Remembrance

Apostle's teaching

Fellowship in community


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