Fifth Series

About Fifth Series

An in-depth study of the life and teachings of the Lord Jesus, and of the great themes of the future and of His coming, in addition to the expertise in communicating the Bible, prepare you to live and transmit the Gospel of Christ.

Fifth Series Courses

01. The Gospel of Matthew

This gospel presents the Lord Jesus Christ as the true King-Liberator promised to the nation of Israel. Thus it makes many references to the Old Testament to prove this fact.

02. The Gospel of Mark

Jesus Christ is characterized here as the Servant of the Lord. This aspect of Jesus' life and ministry inspires us to serve Him. Learn more about Jesus in this course!

03. The Gospel of Luke

Doctor Luke presents Jesus, in all the perfection of His humanity, as the "Son of Man" and as our suffering Great Savior who saves the believers.

04. The Gospel of John

Written years after the other Gospels, it presents the miracles and the words of the Lord Jesus Christ to combat the error regarding the Person and the work of the Son of God.

05. Bible Prophecy

This course gives you a complete perspective of how wonderful Go' plan is for the whole of history. In a simple way it presents the outline of future events.

06. Messianic Psalms

Almost all the Psalms have a prophetic tone. Several of them prophesy directly about the life of Jesus Christ, both in His first and in His second coming.

07. Thessalonians

There were many questions that arose in Thessalonica after the short time that Paul was with them sowing in this church. He writes twice and although he touches many subjects, prophecy is the central theme.

08. Daniel

The book of Daniel is possibly the most fascinating and, at the same time, the most frustrating of the Old Testament. Here we see both its historical beauty and its prophetic revelation.

09. Revelation

This book discusses the condition of the Church until the rapture, the events of the tribulation, the return of Christ and the eternal state; all issues that should affect how we live each day.

10. Major Prophets

Called and guided by God, these men proclaimed His message against false prophets, social injustices, rebellion against God and false faith. They were guided by the Holy Spirit to write these books that reach us today.

11. Minor Prophets

The prophets of the Old Testament spoke against problems that still exist today, so they have an important application for us. Their books are studied within the historical context in which they were written.

12. Delivering The Word

This course will give you guidance, advice and ideas to enrich the task of communicating the Word of God in a capable way, in the power of the Holy Spirit.