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About Emmaus Courses in Spain

The goal of the Emmaus Correspondence School is to facilitate the reading and studying of the Word of God. We believe that the Word of God, when understood correctly, sets people free from the bondage of sin.

As one engages in personal Bible Study, not only does that person mature in their understanding of what God wants to communicate to man, but also grows in his personal relationship with God which results in experiencing the love, joy and peace of that relationship.

Teach the Bible

We teach the Bible using a curriculum of 60 courses. Between Bible courses and Bible doctrine courses, you get an overall view of the teaching of the Bible.

Correct courses

Each course has a short multiple choice quiz at the end of each chapter which you fill out. You send us the quizzes by mail to one of our graders, where they are graded and questions are answered biblically and then sent back to you with the next course.

Print courses

We print all our courses in-house to keep the price of our courses at a minimum. This allows us to give you the courses for free. We develop, translate, write and distribute the courses to help you get an understanding of God's Word.

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Our History

The Emmaus courses were brought to Spain in the 1960’s. Our present team, which has been serving for the last twenty years, has sought to expand the ministry through increasing the number of courses available to study and involving more people in the grading process. Our volunteer team is ready to serve you!

Our Team Members

G. Vargas

Director Spain

I was born into an immigrant family and grew up in the inner city. I was able to go to college where I studied Mechanical Engineering, and actually played some college ball. I play basketball with enthusiasm and I actually lost my two front teeth trying to steal the ball! However, the brightest spot of my college career was coming to know Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. I’ve been a true Christian now, a true follower of Christ, for more than 35 years; and I have been privileged to head up Cursos Emmaus for over 20 years.

J. Gutíerrez

Director Central Office

I met Jesus Christ 20 years ago and it was and has been the best thing that has happened in my life. God was able to bring order to my life after I had spent a number of years of my youth in the drug world. Thanks to the miracle that God has performed in my life, he has given me great stability and a vision to help others. For at least 15 years I have known about and worked with the Emmaus courses and for 20 years have ministered in the prison in Salamanca. During these 20 years I have had a stable job and a wonderful family, all of which would have been impossible without His intervention.

F. Perea

Director Southern Office

Since I was a child I was raised in a religious environment and thought that I knew everything there was to know about Jesus Christ. But in 1998, while reading the Bible, I came to know Him personally when I accepted Him as my Savior. It was an unforgettable moment and produced a radical change. At that time I was in the military. I decided to leave the military and prepare myself to work helping people who have problems with drug addiction and delinquency. God helped me to obtain that goal. Years later, I also became a part of the Emmaus team. Both in my work and through the courses, the Lord has given me the privilege of teaching and preaching the Gospel to many people.

T. Urraca

Director Northern Office

Until I had a personal encounter with Christ, my life was characterized by hardness of heart, dissatisfaction, and a struggle for survival that many times resulted in frustration. Although I had a consciousness of God, I was trapped in the superstitions of a religion that required that I earn my relationship with Him. One day I understood from the Word of God, that God Himself in His love, had provided the way to have this relationship with Him through the death of His Son “...not by works, so that no one should boast” (Ephesians 2:9). I accepted by grace this great salvation that He offered. Since then my life has not been without difficulties, but I can say that I haven’t stopped enjoying His love, His peace, and His joy. Now, with a grateful heart, I live to love and serve this One who gave His life for me. “To the only wise God, be glory through Jesus Christ, forever” (Romans 16:27).

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