Second Series

About Second Series

Faith continues to grow by studying the doctrine and fundamental books of the New Testament.

Second Series Courses

01. Born to Win

None of us need to live a life of failure. Through a relationship with Jesus Christ you can be "Born to Win"! Learn how, with this course.

02. Should I be baptized?

This an excellent course to prepare the new believer for the step of baptism. "Should I be baptized?" answers concerns about the issue and presents the challenge of the Lordship of Christ.

03. Lessons for Christian Living

Here are wonderful lessons for the Christian, such as: the security of salvation; the triumph over temptation; Christian behavior; Prayer and praise, among others.

04. Guide to Christian Growth

We need God to guide our Christian lives. Here we have presented some ways by which He guides us, and some areas of our lives that He wants to control.

05. Doing Time With Jesus

Imprisoned physically or not, every believer suffers the imprisonment of habits and sins in this life. Christ wants to free us from them and to teach us, instead, to be a prisoner with Jesus.

06. Summary of the Bible

To get familiar with the whole Bible quickly and simply, this "book of all books" gives a basic summary of the message, author and content of each book of the Bible.

07. The Letters of John

In the three letters of John, the responsibilities and privileges of the believer in the heavenly family are categorically presented.

08. Romans

Salvation is the great doctrine of this epistle. Paul explains in detail our perdition, salvation by faith, the struggle of the believer, the sovereignty of God and other practical issues.

09. James

In five short chapters, James puts our faith to the test. He wants to know if our faith is really genuine or if it is a cheap imitation. James motivates us to live the real Christian life!

10. Galatians

Paul's teaching on the error of legalism, which was spiritually killing the church in Galatia, is necessary for many churches today.

11. Securely Saved, and Sure of It!

Love, joy and peace are not possible if the believer is always asking himself if he is holy enough to save his soul or maintain himself saved. This course addresses this uncertainty.

12. Winning Souls the Bible Way

This course prepares the believer for the privilege of participating with God in the important task of winning souls for the Lord Jesus Christ. It does so by providing biblical guidance on important areas of this work.